Zion Mountain Local Services District (ZMLSD), which was carved out of the East Zion Special Services District, a member of the Utah Association of Special Districts, was created to provide wastewater treatment for the projects within the East Zion Initiative (“EZI”), a new gateway community at the east entrance to Zion National Park. The EZI masterplan includes multiple complementary facilities for lodging, interpretation, education, and recreation, which include the Zion Mountain Lodge, the Visitor Center at Applecross, Zion Ponderosa, and Spirit Ranch. Future expansion will include Clear Creek, High Grounds and Zion Mountain Ranch.

The ZMLSD Wastewater Treatment Plant (the “Project”) will be operated by a third-party operator and overseen by the ZMLSD directly. Biohabitats, the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) lead designer, will provide operational training and oversight of the facility and operations team upon start-up and on as needed basis thereafter.

The ZMLSD will be supported by connection fees and assessments from the various projects utilizing their wastewater treatment system facilities, along with revenues generated by the sale of Type I non-potable water for toilet flushing and ornamental irrigation and Type II non-potable water for agricultural use.

The project area includes two districts which will be served by one centralized wastewater management facility:
• Zion Mountain Local Services District (ZMLSD) is the Owner of the Project.
• East Zion Special Services District (EZSSD) is the neighboring and contributing district

The project will be constructed in three (3) primary phases, with considerations for Phase 1 being constructed in two phases. By permitting Phase1 together and having phases 1A and 1B of construction, the project can reduce the initial financial investment while offering the flexibility to increase the facility’s capacity without entering the lengthy permitting process. Additional flows and expansions will warrant the collection of operational data from the facility to inform the design team and permitting authorities decision making.

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